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Dolphins of Galveston Bay

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Come take a journey into Galveston Bay, where our world-famous Galveston dolphins are the stars of the show!

Experience this 45-minute guided tour where you can enjoy the thrill of seeing these beautiful creatures up close. Not only will you meet the dolphins, but you’ll also see  cruise ships, tall ships, the Cement Ship along with the shoreline of historic Galveston!

$30 – Adults — $20 Children

Family-Friendly Dolphin Tours

Embark on an unforgettable aquatic adventure like no other! Get ready to be mesmerized as sail into Galveston Bay and witness the enchanting world of dolphins on our exhilarating Dolphin Watch Boat Tour. Feel the anticipation build as we cruise along the sparkling azure waters, revealing stunning panoramic views of the coastline.

See Dolphins on Every Trip

As we venture further into the ocean, our expert captains will entertain you with fascinating insights into these intelligent and playful creatures. Learn about their intricate social structures, captivating communication methods, and the marvels of their underwater world. Be prepared to be amazed as their incredible acrobatics and graceful movements take center stage.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a family seeking adventure, or simply in search of an unforgettable experience, the Dolphins of Galveston Bay Tour promises to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. So come aboard, let your spirit soar, and be captivated by the sheer majesty of these remarkable creatures. Are you ready to set sail and embark on an extraordinary encounter with dolphins?

$30 – Adults — $20 Children

Quick Tips

Voted Best Dolphin Tour in Galveston

It's best to arrive 15-20 minutes before your tour

We're located at Pier 21 in front of Harbor House Hotel


2100 Harborside Drive
Galveston, TX 77550



Every day: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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